Economics 101-2


This is a pretty good economic tip and it would be great if the people in Washington would read it.  It seems like they have no trouble spending OPM (other people’s money).  Actually they have already spent more than they will be able to collect from the adults in the workforce today.  They are now spending the earnings of our children and grandchildren.

My wife and I have looked at things we would like to have and sometimes we come to the conclusion “We just can’t afford that right now.”  Wouldn’t be great if Congress would learn to say the same thing?

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Economics 101-1


My wife and I seem to have been on a pretty tight budget most of our lives.  We recently paid off a few things that we had been paying on for  a long time and we have decided that we don’t want anything else we can’t pay cash for.  We want to be able to enjoy what income we have without it already being spent.

I have been mostly busy the last week.  I didn’t do anything Monday and Tuesday to accomplish anything but I tried to make up for it the rest of the week.  I have been putting my jewelry in some consignment shops and I try to add some new styles each week.  I also found  a place that had a glass showcase that I rented half of and filled it with jewelry.  I am hoping that this way some of it will sell by itself without me being there.  I just have to check on the stores and restock as needed.

I keep getting new ideas and some suggestions for new styles and have been turning out a lot of jewelry.  I am an early riser (4:30 to 5:30 am) and I don’t like idle time.  Saturday I woke up in time to make 12 pairs of earrings before I had to leave for the Farmer’s Market at 7:00 am.  Sunday I made another dozen pair before time to get ready for Church.  I didn’t make any Sunday night because I spent my time writing devotionals for our Church website and posting them to for the week.  I then uploaded my 5 comics on the Gatorhead Comics site at and two entries on this site.

I have been checking everyone’s comics but sometimes I have a problem commenting on them on my Galaxy pad but I am visiting everyone on a regular basis.

Saturday I printed out a batch of sample comics to hand out at the market and to put into some of the stores with my jewelry.

Life is good.  This week I plan to take a little trip, eat a lot, visit kin, and watch Ole Miss play Vanderbilt in the Motel 4 on Thursday night.  (I don’t have cable at home and we picked this time for the visit so I could watch the game.)

I hope you all have a great week.  I know I plan to.


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Try Something New

Keep Tryin

I reckon I’m still lookin’.  I started drawin’ when I was 58 and I have had a blast makin’ comics.  I started makin’ jewelry when I was 61 and I enjoy that almost as much as I did huntin’ and fishin’.  I am not sure how good I am at either one of them but I do know that if I hadn’t been willing to try something new I would have missed out on a lot of enjoyment.

If there is something you think you might enjoy doin’ but aren’t sure if you can… my advice is give it a shot.  You will never know until you try.

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The Last Word

Last Word

This comment was made by a wise old gentlemen last weekend at the Farmers Market… and I meant it.  I feel like when things are slow at the market that it is my duty to entertain the troops.. er vendors to keep their spirits up.

I told one of the men, “The last time my wife and I had an argument I had her on her knees begging.”  He looked a little shocked and said, “You did.  Really?”  I said, “She sure was, she was begging me to come out from under the bed so she could get to me.”

I really think his wife thought it was funnier than he did.

I really hope yall are all havin’ a good week.  Remember I am posting Mon-Fri at the Gatorhead site at

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Be Nice

Be Nice

One of the greatest lessons I have learned is that I am not responsible for how people act toward me.  I am, however, responsible to how I respond to them.  I read somewhere that the best way to deal with people talking bad about you behind your back was to live your life in such a way that no one would believe them anyway.

Thankfully I can’t think of very many enemies that I have.  Hopefully I will be like my dad. He doesn’t have an enemy in the world.  He is 87 so he has outlived them all.

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Getting Your Attention

Advice or Terror

I reckon there is a whole lot of truth in this, whether it is a parent dealing with their kids or even a doctor and patient.  No matter how often we are warned to fasten our seatbelts nothing inspires us like seeing a road block up ahead.

I guess the best thing would be for us to listen to good advice and think of the scary things that could happen if we don’t heed it.

Maybe I’ll just quit tryin’ to give advice and start tryin’ to scare folks.

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Another Great Week

Jewelry 1 Jewelry 2

In spite of the visit to the Doctor (who’s prognosis was mostly “All we can do is try to keep him functional) it has been a good week.

Someone last week at the Farmers Market suggested that I make some jewelry in the local school colors (slapped my own forehead and wondered what have I been thinkin’).  The Kosciusko Whippets colors are maroon and white (same as the Mississippi State Bulldogs) so I might get double attention for them.  I actually sold several pieces today in the maroon and white colors.

The great thing about being creative is that one idea leads to another.  As I was workin’ on this new style of bracelet I found some maroon and white buttons.  The buttons sparked an idea and I decided that I would try some real colorful buttons for the younger crowd.  I am hoping that the button bracelets become the next big thing.

I had a good day today at the market and sold a little jewelry.  I enjoy visiting with the people and socializing with the other vendors at the market.  It was hot all week which is normally a problem for me but there was a good breeze all morning and I made it fine.

I was supposed to post twice on this site this week but got busy and only posted once. I did post Mon-Friday on my other site and intend to keep that up for awhile.

Don’t forget to check out the site at


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