Bird’s Nest Necklaces

Birds Nest

Here are some of the things that I have been working on this weekend.  I spent a lot of time sorting beads and trying to organize some things but I always get back to making jewelry.  Making it is more fun than organizing.

They are having an open house at the Oldies But Goodies Antiques this month and I am trying to make sure I have plenty of jewelry for that.  I will be selling my Copperhead Jewelry and giving demonstrations on how to make jewelry at the Holiday House Arts and Crafts show in the Convention Center  in Oxford, Mississippi  on November 22nd and 23rd so I will need a big supply on hand for that.

I have a lot of catching up to do on the internet as well as around the house but I do what I can and what I feel like doing. (I usually feel like taking a nap a couple of times a day.)  When things start cutting in to my nap time I will have to cut back.


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Copperhead Jewelry Update

I have been really busy lately with my Jewelry.  In addition to last month’s Autumnfest which was a pretty big success, considering we had to load up at about 1:30 pm because of the approaching thunderstorm, I have been trying to stock several shops where I have been placing jewelry so I have been twisting a lot of wire.

This weekend I decided it was time to step up my game and try to make some nicer jewelry.  I have expanded from using only copper wire to using silver plated wire.  I was just making the silverplated stuff for my wife but she finally convinced me to sell some.  As usual she was right.  Here are some pictures of some of the new stuff.


These are from copper wire and glass pearl beads.  I have added some design to them after I finally figured out how to do it and make them both look the same.


These are silver plated wire with glass pearl beads.  These are decorative cross earrings.  I get ideas for some of these things when I am not able to work on them at the time and sometimes I can’t wait until I get back to making jewelry to see if they come out for real the way I pictured them in my mind.


These are some more silver wire and glass pearl beads.  They aren’t really representative of anything, I just thought they would look good.  The bottom picture is a ring I made for my wife from a decorative hair pin she found somewhere.


These are some copper wire earrings with some large glass beads.  I have been working a lot with glass pearls lately and I decided to throw a little color into the mix.

I have a big show in Oxford Mississippi next month and I am really having to spend some time getting ready for that.  Some of the new jewelry takes a lot more time to make so I am going to have to charge a little more for that than what I have been charging.  Even if I raise my prices I will still be charging about 1/3 of what others are charging for similar work.

I forgot to mention that I have had some special orders for items lately.  The main thing is that I have been having fun and enjoying it.

On the downside I have a lot of days lately where I don’t feel like doing a lot of anything and I don’t get much done.  I have a couple of doctors appointments next month but I doubt that anything positive will come from them.

Sometimes it is frustrating to think of something I would like to do and then realize that there is no way that I can physically accomplish it.  I guess my mind will always write checks that my body can’t cash.   I can still twist wire and string beads though and I am thankful that it is something I enjoy doing.

Hopefully after the Christmas season when the special shows and sales die down I will get back to doing some drawing and making new comics.


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New Copperhead Jewelry for Autumnfest


I have been busy getting some new Copperhead Jewelry  ready for the Autumnfest in Abbeville, MS this Saturday.  I am excited and apprehensive.  I haven’t done a show like this since the one last November.  That was the day I had my last heart attack.  It wasn’t the show that caused the heart attack though because I had felt bad all week.

This should be a fun day.  I will get to see my sisters and maybe get to sell some jewelry too.

About the Jewelry

My wife had been telling me about a ring that she had seen on the internet that looked like a cotton boll and she wanted one.  We looked in several places and couldn’t find one so I sat down and made her one.  I really love it when I make something that she likes so well it makes her squeal and jump up and down.  She did this, not once but twice, as I was making jewelry this week.  I had to make one for my daughter too because she was trying to take my wife’s ring.  Since they liked them that much I figured I had better make some more for the Autumnfest.

In case you can’t recognize what the earrings are, I decided to try to make some “Owls”.  I showed the first pair to some people and I already have several orders but I am going to wait to fill them after Autumnfest.  Some of the “Hoot Owls” actually look like Gremlins to me.  Since they are handmade they are all different and I can’t help but experiment with them a little while I am making them.  My daughter said that a couple of pair of them look like Frogs.  I guess I can just leave it to the imagination of the buyer and they can be whatever they want them to be.

I hope to be posting more pics an more updates on this site from Copperhead Jewelry.  Hopefully I will have some pictures of Autumnfest for you next week.


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Kurt and Burt Picture Perfect

Kurt and Burt-Picture It

It seems like everyone has a digital camera, a smart phone or a an Ipad.  If a person claims that they saw a U.F.O. , a sasquatch, or Elvis working at a McDonalds in Short Creek, Montana then he had better have photos to back it up.  So far not too many have surfaced.

I keep a camera, a phone, and a pad in my vehicle while I am traveling but I usually can’t get to them in time to take a really good picture so I keep all my Big Foot, U.F.O. and Elvis sightings to myself most of the time…especially since my wife usually refuses to back me up.

Oops again.  I was supposed to post this on my other site so I just posted on both sites.

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I’m Still Thinkin’

Think or Do

I am probably guilty of this but I have a lot of excuses.  I know a lot of people seem to run out of ideas but I usually just don’t have time to work on all my ideas.  Sometimes it is because I just don’t feel all that well (and I get lazy sometimes) and sometimes it is because life throws a few things at you that you don’t expect.

This has been an interesting week.  My grandson came home with us Sunday after Church to watch football with me and while he was waiting for the game we wanted to watch to come on he went outside to hit golf balls.  He hit one behind the house and found a dead deer in the yard.  It looked like it had probably been hit by a car and ran up into the yard and died.  I hooked a rope around it’s antlers and drug him away with the lawn mower because I didn’t want Phil and Chester (my  comic strip buzzards) dining that close to the house.

The dead deer was not the only problem I had.  The yard had been dug up and there were holes all in it.  The next morning I looked outside and the armadillo who had done the damage was back.  I won’t go into detail but he won’t be digging up my yard anymore.

Things are kind of slowing down at the Farmer’s Market for my jewelry but I have been putting some in shops on consignment.  One of the shop owners called me with some special orders and I am kind of excited about the way things are going there.

The fun thing about the jewelry making is that I keep coming up with new designs and learning how to make new things.  Several people have brought things to me that they wanted turned into jewelry and that is working out good.  Now I can say that I custom make jewelry.

I did get rested during my break and I am not pushing things.  I haven’t had time to do much drawing but I have some ideas that I hope to work on soon.

That is the news from Gatorhead.  Why don’t you leave me a comment and let me know what is going on in your part of the world.


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Poetic Comments

Sometimes instead of leaving comments or in addition to leaving comments I will write a poem in the comment section.  Here is one I wrote today for Stephen Beals creator of the awesome comic Cheesebo


By Bo Lumpkin

Sometimes as I travel through life each day,

I take a wrong turn along the way,

I guess I could just moan and whine,

But I thought it was better to seek a sign,

I looked high and I looked low,

Trying to find the way to go,

I stumbled along my crooked trail,

Determined that I shouldn’t fail,

Then there it was, plain as day,

A clear sign to point the way,

Now I lay here nearly dead,

Because the sign fell on my head.

Claremont seems to inspire me.


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Taking A Break

Taking A Break

I hate to spring an unplanned break on my readers but I wasn’t really planning on taking one.  Before I give an explanation I will say that I am doing fine now but I had a few problems over the weekend.  I am not sure if I overdid it but my fluid obviously built up and I had a lot of trouble breathing.   The heat is not real good for congested heart failure and we are having a hotter September than August.

As I said, I am doing okay now.  My primary health-care giver….my wife…has strongly suggested that I take this week to mainly relax and not try to do to much.  Being a wise old geezer and wanting to keep getting older I am taking her advice…at least as long as she keeps that rolling pin beside her.

I do have comics ready to post but I usually upload them on Saturday and I just wasn’t able to this week and taking a short break might be the best thing to do.  Maybe I can catch up on visiting and commenting on some other sites this week.

Thank you for your support.


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Economics 101-2


This is a pretty good economic tip and it would be great if the people in Washington would read it.  It seems like they have no trouble spending OPM (other people’s money).  Actually they have already spent more than they will be able to collect from the adults in the workforce today.  They are now spending the earnings of our children and grandchildren.

My wife and I have looked at things we would like to have and sometimes we come to the conclusion “We just can’t afford that right now.”  Wouldn’t be great if Congress would learn to say the same thing?

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Economics 101-1


My wife and I seem to have been on a pretty tight budget most of our lives.  We recently paid off a few things that we had been paying on for  a long time and we have decided that we don’t want anything else we can’t pay cash for.  We want to be able to enjoy what income we have without it already being spent.

I have been mostly busy the last week.  I didn’t do anything Monday and Tuesday to accomplish anything but I tried to make up for it the rest of the week.  I have been putting my jewelry in some consignment shops and I try to add some new styles each week.  I also found  a place that had a glass showcase that I rented half of and filled it with jewelry.  I am hoping that this way some of it will sell by itself without me being there.  I just have to check on the stores and restock as needed.

I keep getting new ideas and some suggestions for new styles and have been turning out a lot of jewelry.  I am an early riser (4:30 to 5:30 am) and I don’t like idle time.  Saturday I woke up in time to make 12 pairs of earrings before I had to leave for the Farmer’s Market at 7:00 am.  Sunday I made another dozen pair before time to get ready for Church.  I didn’t make any Sunday night because I spent my time writing devotionals for our Church website and posting them to for the week.  I then uploaded my 5 comics on the Gatorhead Comics site at and two entries on this site.

I have been checking everyone’s comics but sometimes I have a problem commenting on them on my Galaxy pad but I am visiting everyone on a regular basis.

Saturday I printed out a batch of sample comics to hand out at the market and to put into some of the stores with my jewelry.

Life is good.  This week I plan to take a little trip, eat a lot, visit kin, and watch Ole Miss play Vanderbilt in the Motel 4 on Thursday night.  (I don’t have cable at home and we picked this time for the visit so I could watch the game.)

I hope you all have a great week.  I know I plan to.


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Try Something New

Keep Tryin

I reckon I’m still lookin’.  I started drawin’ when I was 58 and I have had a blast makin’ comics.  I started makin’ jewelry when I was 61 and I enjoy that almost as much as I did huntin’ and fishin’.  I am not sure how good I am at either one of them but I do know that if I hadn’t been willing to try something new I would have missed out on a lot of enjoyment.

If there is something you think you might enjoy doin’ but aren’t sure if you can… my advice is give it a shot.  You will never know until you try.

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