New Copperhead Jewelry for Autumnfest


I have been busy getting some new Copperhead Jewelry  ready for the Autumnfest in Abbeville, MS this Saturday.  I am excited and apprehensive.  I haven’t done a show like this since the one last November.  That was the day I had my last heart attack.  It wasn’t the show that caused the heart attack though because I had felt bad all week.

This should be a fun day.  I will get to see my sisters and maybe get to sell some jewelry too.

About the Jewelry

My wife had been telling me about a ring that she had seen on the internet that looked like a cotton boll and she wanted one.  We looked in several places and couldn’t find one so I sat down and made her one.  I really love it when I make something that she likes so well it makes her squeal and jump up and down.  She did this, not once but twice, as I was making jewelry this week.  I had to make one for my daughter too because she was trying to take my wife’s ring.  Since they liked them that much I figured I had better make some more for the Autumnfest.

In case you can’t recognize what the earrings are, I decided to try to make some “Owls”.  I showed the first pair to some people and I already have several orders but I am going to wait to fill them after Autumnfest.  Some of the “Hoot Owls” actually look like Gremlins to me.  Since they are handmade they are all different and I can’t help but experiment with them a little while I am making them.  My daughter said that a couple of pair of them look like Frogs.  I guess I can just leave it to the imagination of the buyer and they can be whatever they want them to be.

I hope to be posting more pics an more updates on this site from Copperhead Jewelry.  Hopefully I will have some pictures of Autumnfest for you next week.



About Bo Lumpkin

I like to write, draw, and read and do funny stuff.
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11 Responses to New Copperhead Jewelry for Autumnfest

  1. jbstoons says:

    They look great Bo. Good luck on the show. Ignore the T.

  2. Ya, I like the feed back I get from my son too, 16. I always get great encouragement. (Sarcasm) lol But I love him for it.

  3. Really nice work there, Bo. I see that they are owls now, but I first saw the heart shape. You are very talented, and I hope you sell out at your show. Have fun!

  4. Binky says:

    They look really nice. I didn’t realize they were supposed to be owls, but saw them as a nice design with an upside down heart.

  5. idesoflife says:

    These are awesome!!

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