Copperhead Jewelry Update

I have been really busy lately with my Jewelry.  In addition to last month’s Autumnfest which was a pretty big success, considering we had to load up at about 1:30 pm because of the approaching thunderstorm, I have been trying to stock several shops where I have been placing jewelry so I have been twisting a lot of wire.

This weekend I decided it was time to step up my game and try to make some nicer jewelry.  I have expanded from using only copper wire to using silver plated wire.  I was just making the silverplated stuff for my wife but she finally convinced me to sell some.  As usual she was right.  Here are some pictures of some of the new stuff.


These are from copper wire and glass pearl beads.  I have added some design to them after I finally figured out how to do it and make them both look the same.


These are silver plated wire with glass pearl beads.  These are decorative cross earrings.  I get ideas for some of these things when I am not able to work on them at the time and sometimes I can’t wait until I get back to making jewelry to see if they come out for real the way I pictured them in my mind.


These are some more silver wire and glass pearl beads.  They aren’t really representative of anything, I just thought they would look good.  The bottom picture is a ring I made for my wife from a decorative hair pin she found somewhere.


These are some copper wire earrings with some large glass beads.  I have been working a lot with glass pearls lately and I decided to throw a little color into the mix.

I have a big show in Oxford Mississippi next month and I am really having to spend some time getting ready for that.  Some of the new jewelry takes a lot more time to make so I am going to have to charge a little more for that than what I have been charging.  Even if I raise my prices I will still be charging about 1/3 of what others are charging for similar work.

I forgot to mention that I have had some special orders for items lately.  The main thing is that I have been having fun and enjoying it.

On the downside I have a lot of days lately where I don’t feel like doing a lot of anything and I don’t get much done.  I have a couple of doctors appointments next month but I doubt that anything positive will come from them.

Sometimes it is frustrating to think of something I would like to do and then realize that there is no way that I can physically accomplish it.  I guess my mind will always write checks that my body can’t cash.   I can still twist wire and string beads though and I am thankful that it is something I enjoy doing.

Hopefully after the Christmas season when the special shows and sales die down I will get back to doing some drawing and making new comics.



About Bo Lumpkin

I like to write, draw, and read and do funny stuff.
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6 Responses to Copperhead Jewelry Update

  1. I’d like to run a marathon but it is impossible for me to do. Do what you do when you can and what you like and it will all fall into place.

  2. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Going to the refrigerator is as close as I get to a marathon these days.

  3. jbstoons says:

    The new stuff looks great Bo. Keep up the great work.

  4. Binky says:

    I bet the silver wire ones will be very popular for Christmas gifts. The materials cost more, but it’s probably the same amount of work, and the final product should be worth a lot more. Hopefully you’ll feel good for the sale this year.

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