Taking A Break

Taking A Break

I hate to spring an unplanned break on my readers but I wasn’t really planning on taking one.  Before I give an explanation I will say that I am doing fine now but I had a few problems over the weekend.  I am not sure if I overdid it but my fluid obviously built up and I had a lot of trouble breathing.   The heat is not real good for congested heart failure and we are having a hotter September than August.

As I said, I am doing okay now.  My primary health-care giver….my wife…has strongly suggested that I take this week to mainly relax and not try to do to much.  Being a wise old geezer and wanting to keep getting older I am taking her advice…at least as long as she keeps that rolling pin beside her.

I do have comics ready to post but I usually upload them on Saturday and I just wasn’t able to this week and taking a short break might be the best thing to do.  Maybe I can catch up on visiting and commenting on some other sites this week.

Thank you for your support.



About Bo Lumpkin

I like to write, draw, and read and do funny stuff.
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8 Responses to Taking A Break

  1. Rosie says:

    Hey, Bo, just so you know, it’s CONGESTIVE heart failure.

  2. Dave Weskamp says:

    You take care of yourself you old codger! See ya when you get back.

  3. jbstoons says:

    Bo take as long as you need. We will be here when you get back.

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