Ideas That Work

Best Ideas

Hank and Buster will be back soon.  I got behind on coloring them so I will be posting some of my Gatorhead Post Cards until I get caught up.  I like these because they give me a little room for expounding my thoughts.

People are always giving me suggestions and some of them are great.  I have found that people are willing to share great ideas with you for no cost whatsoever.  The problem is that most of the great ideas that they have involve a whole lot of work and effort on my part.  People will suggest some type of jewelry that I should consider and some of the ideas really have the wow factor.  The problem is that most of them either have a cost factor or a hard work factor too.  I kind of like to stick to the stuff with the “fun” factor.

Maybe if I had started a lot of the stuff that I do now when I was younger I might have amounted to something by now.  I was too busy trying to make a living for my family to pursue many of the things I have started in my twilight years.  Now I  just want to do the things that I enjoy and I am blessed enough with my jewelry that it is a hobby that at least pays for itself.  You can’t say that about Golf or Fishin’.


About Bo Lumpkin

I like to write, draw, and read and do funny stuff.
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7 Responses to Ideas That Work

  1. I think you have amounted to plenty, Bo! You are very creative, and I think it’s good that you work at your own pace and enjoy what you are doing. The “fun factor” certainly makes life more pleasant.

  2. You have just summed up my entire existance

  3. Binky says:

    But working is so much work!

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