Good Help Is Hard to Find 1

Hank 1This was a comic from back in 2009.  It is about Hank the Handy Man and his rusty side-kick Buster.  While going through my archives I decided to select some of these for a black and white printed mini comic to sell at my Jewelry Shows.  I am changing the format slightly from what it was and doing some clean up of the artwork.  It will be printed 81/2 by 5 1/2 so I can get four pages to legal sheet of paper and then use a staple bind to hold them together.  (It worked real well for my I’ve Been Thinkin’ book).  I also decided to color some of the old black and white ones and make the mini comic into a .PDF for later.

Here is the results of the same comic in color.

Hank 1 Color



About Bo Lumpkin

I like to write, draw, and read and do funny stuff.
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10 Responses to Good Help Is Hard to Find 1

  1. Really nice job on this, Bo! I like the comic, and I like the colors. Buster’s mom is one smart lady. 🙂

  2. jbstoons says:

    Hey it’s good to see the guys back. Even if it is for short time. By the way I think the book is a great idea.

  3. Binky says:

    Color makes cartoons look much better. So you’re going all out and printing your comics in color?

    • Bo Lumpkin says:

      I am going to do the printed ones in Black ink. I am going to make an Ebook comic from the colored ones in .pdf format. (At least that is the plan.)

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