He Ate It!- Molly’s World


For a little girl Molly is a chow hound.  She really likes her food.  Right now we are trying to figure out how to break her from biting us while she is playing.  Her little baby teeth are like razors and my arm looks like I’ve been mauled by a tiger.  The worst part is that she will climb up on me lovingly and start kissin’ me and then she will bite my nose.  Nothing like the joy of havin’ a puppy.


About Bo Lumpkin

I like to write, draw, and read and do funny stuff.
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13 Responses to He Ate It!- Molly’s World

  1. I don’t mean to laugh and smile so big, but I do remember the puppy days. 🙂 I don’t recall though if we did anything for the nipping, or if they simply grew out of it.

  2. Sounds like Dharma… only she’s usually not playing!

  3. ltpen315,barb says:

    Ouch!! A hockey mask sounds like a good idea!!

  4. Thse mooses can be such hungry pests. Just remember that biting with pupy needle teeth is part of the fun Mister Bo. I used to do it but I grew out of it

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