Yesterday’s Copperworks

This is part of what I worked on yesterday.  The largest of the crosses is about 12 inches tall by 8 inches wide and the smallest one is about 1.5 inches by 1 inch.  I made several other pairs of earrings in different colors of these same styles.  I will be set up to sell them this Saturday at the Benton Farmers Market in Benton, MS.

Had a long rough day today doing “gotta do” jobs around the house (and under it) and I think I ache in places where I didn’t know I even had places.

About to get started back makin’ jewelry again in a few minutes.  That is relaxing.


About Bo Lumpkin

I like to write, draw, and read and do funny stuff.
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4 Responses to Yesterday’s Copperworks

  1. Tell Mr Benton I said hi

  2. Binky says:

    Some nice stuff. You are a one man factory!

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