Happy Wombat Day

Actually Rocky saw a wombat outside and this was his reaction.

I’ll have to explain to Rocky the difference between a squirrel and a Wombat.

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I like to write, draw, and read and do funny stuff.
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28 Responses to Happy Wombat Day

  1. Give it time….you’ll grow

  2. Androgoth says:

    They look even bigger after eating all those chocolates
    and pancakes, wine gums and spambo wambo burgers
    so I don’t blame Rocky for staying out of it’s way 🙂 🙂

    This is a great Wombat Day
    surprise Bo and well done 🙂


  3. Binky says:

    I guess I should have explained to Rocky that I was more like a furry kid than a squirrel. Next time I visit I’ll bring some doggy biscuits.

    Happy Wombat Day, Bo!

  4. Ed Wombat says:

    Happy Wombat Day Mister Bo & Rocky!!! And Edna & Mildred & Chester & Phil & Buster & Hank & anyone else I’ve missed. Rocky is so cute but you better teach hi not to chase us Wombats ‘cos we don’t like forced exercise

  5. Deb says:

    Happy Wombat Day Bo, and Rocky!…It’s a little late, but not to have a little fun and extra treats. 🙂

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  7. ltpen315,barb says:

    Send Rocky down here and he won’t have to worry about squirrels or wombats. We hardly ever see squirrels and wombats haven’t migrated to my neck of the woods yet!

  8. ltpen315,barb says:

    We are neighbors, Bp. In the south, 50 or 60 miles is nothing!!

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