Cedar Crosses

When we bought our property we had to cut a lot of cedar trees to make room for our home.  Several storms and Hurricane Katrina blew down even more of them.  I couldn’t stand just burnin’ them so I piled them up hoping to find a use for them.  I finally cut some of them into a manageable size so that I could cut them into smaller pieces on my table saw.  I then shaped them with my bladerunner saw and added the copper crosses or the ones with the welded nails.

Hope you like these.

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About Bo Lumpkin

I like to write, draw, and read and do funny stuff.
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12 Responses to Cedar Crosses

  1. Binky says:

    You make some very nice stuff, Bo!
    Cedar is such a wonderful wood. It’s good that you can make something nice out of it.

  2. But how do they smell?

    • Bo Lumpkin says:

      When I first make them the cedar smells great but after I put the polyurethane on it kind of covers the Cedar smell. Can’t have it both ways.


  3. Deb says:

    Those are beautiful, Bo! Binky is right!

  4. ltpen315,barb says:

    I really like these, Bo!! Too bad you lost the smell, though. I love the smell of cedar.

  5. That’s some very impressive craftsmanship, Bo!
    I’d have a difficult time just making toothpicks!

  6. Bo Lumpkin says:

    Who are you kiddin’. I visit your site all the time. You can do anything you put your mind too.

  7. i like crosses glad you are making them

    • Bo Lumpkin says:

      Thank you. I give a lot of them away to people who have been a blessing to me. I call them blessing crosses. I want them to realize that God is using them to bless other people.

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