Opportunity Knocked…me out!

I was lookin’ forward to this last weekend because I hoped I would have an opportunity to catch up on a lot of things that I had got behind on.  I wanted to organize some old comics. I had a lot of craft work to do and some new jewelry to make.

For some reason all my get up and go had got up and went and I spent most of the weekend lyin’ down and watchin’ TV.  I did finally muster the energy to make some new Cedar crosses and some jewelry.  I have another show comin’ up this weekend and I hope to be ready for it.

For some reason lately it seems that my age and heart trouble are catchin’ up with me and the iron in my blood has turned to lead in my bottom.  This week the weather is gettin’ cooler and I hope that will help me to have more energy.  The heat seems to drain it all.

I’ve been tryin’ to get around to comment on sites today and I hope I get to everyone.  I check out your stuff on my phone but It is hard to comment.  I really do appreciate all your support.

I hope to have some pictures of some new stuff I’ve made this week and I will try to make some pictures of the booth this weekend to post next week.




About Bo Lumpkin

I like to write, draw, and read and do funny stuff.
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10 Responses to Opportunity Knocked…me out!

  1. ltpen315 says:

    I understand, Bo. I have been on vacation since the 8th and have not accomplished a thing except for the 3 doctor appointments!! I am ready for some cooler weather, also!

  2. Seems all my energy is spent during the week and all I want to do on the weekend is nap

  3. Deb says:

    Hi Bo, sounds like your beating yourself up for being tired. Give yourself a break, Bo, your entitled to feel tired. I think you get a lot more done that you give yourself credit for.
    I got some comments on my blog from you recently and appreciate everyone of them…you do have a way of making me smile when you come by to see me.
    Have a great day, or a great nap…either are good. 🙂
    Hugs xo

  4. Binky says:

    Well I hope you’re okay, Bo. You make sure you take care of yourself or I’m going to have to send some guardian Wombies down there to keep you on track.

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