Bucket List Revised (Part 1)

Hi, I’m Bo Lumpkin and I’ve been thinkin’.

I’ve been thinkin’ a whole lot about my bucket list.  After my last trip to the cardiologist I kinda decided to revise it some.  I figure life is too short not to go ahead and do some things that you have always wanted to do.  I also figure that life is too short to do some of the other things you have been doin’ that ain’t really all that necessary.  The first thing on the revision was that I crossed off “learnin’ to like turnip greens”.

I know that most of yall think all us southern rednecks eat turnip greens and grits but it just ain’t so.  I’ve eaten Chitlins, bar-b-qued beaver, alligator, and a lot of other stuff but there are some times when a man just has to take a stand, and when it comes to turnip greens I would rather stand on them than eat them.

One of the things I thought I would like to do before I kick the bucket was to sky dive.  I reckon that aint gonna happen since I can’t even stand up real quick without my blood pressure changin’ and makin’ me dizzy. Sometimes when they take my blood pressure they have to ask me if I’m sure I’m not dead so I reckon some of the more excitin’ things are off the bucket list.  I hope to write a few articles about revisin’ the bucket list over the next few weeks but yall know I ain’t real dependable on finishin’ some things I start so don’t count too heavy on it.

Tuesday night was a big night for me as far as my bucket list goes.  I have tried a lot of things that either fizzled or just plain blew up in my face and I wanted to do something creative that would be a success.  I reckon that happened at the first Copperhead Jewelry Party.  I probably gave away as much as I sold (If some little girl sees a piece of my jewelry that she really likes, the smile on her face is plenty of payment for me so I just give it to her.)  For me it is not about makin’ money (even though I’m not actually against it).  It is about makin’ something with your own hands that someone thinks is nice enough to wear.  Now folks, that is a feeling of fulfillment that thrills this old mans heart.

I was so pumped up with adrenelin from all the people admirin’…and buyin’ my jewelry that I didn’t feel the pain when I fell out the front door onto the sidewalk.  I reckon I had better explain that.  I got a phone call in the middle of the party and it was so loud inside that I decided to call the person back.  I was lookin’ up his number when I stepped out the door onto what I thought was the porch… I didn’t notice that the porch was three steps down until I was layin’ on the concrete.  I was barely skinned up and no torn garments so I just got right up and went back inside and acted like it didn’t happen.  I even forgot about it (It must have been the adrenelin) until the party was over and I got in my car to leave.  I really remembered when I got into bed and tried to figure out why every muscle and bone in my body ached.  I then remembered falling.  No real damage was done but I am still a little sore.  I ain’t so sore that I forgot how good it feels to work hard at somethin’ and have it turn out better than you expected.

If you see an old man in a camoflauged hat and overalls grinnin’ from ear to ear and swingin’ a bucket… that might just be me.



About Bo Lumpkin

I like to write, draw, and read and do funny stuff.
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10 Responses to Bucket List Revised (Part 1)

  1. I like to make stuff for other people too. While it’s nice to make some cash, it is also nice to feel cemented into the human race with little bits of yourself distributed out there.

  2. Binky says:

    So I guess you can cross off “falling out the door onto a porch” from your bucket list, too. I’m glad you’re okay!

  3. Tony McGurk says:

    Glad your tumble didn’t cause any serious injury Bo. Are you sure you weren’t taking the easy way out & trying low altitude skydiving???

  4. somehow I missed this post. Well in a sense you did a bit of diving (without the sky) when you tumbled on the porch

  5. Jande says:

    The first thing on the revision was that I crossed off “learnin’ to like turnip greens”. Way to go, Bo! They sound pretty disgusting. :`D

    Glad your Porch Dive did no permanent damage. ❤

    I made a bucket list over a decade ago. I remember it had fly a glider plane on it. And I got to do that about ten years ago, but then found I got motion sickness from doing it. :`P. But I did get to do it once! Now if only I could remember where that list went…

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