Carving From Cypress Knee

I carved this Gorilla head from the tip of a Cypress knee.  At least I thought it looked like a gorilla.


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I like to write, draw, and read and do funny stuff.
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8 Responses to Carving From Cypress Knee

  1. Deb says:

    I thought is looked like a monkey at first sight of it, then I read you said it was a Gorilla…I was very close, which only proves that you accomplished what you intended. I like it, and would mind learning how to do this myself being I have lots of trees around me.
    Do you do this with one knife…as it whittling? Or do you have to use a series of tools?

    • Bo Lumpkin says:

      I used a 4 1/2 inch angle grinder with a thick sanding disk to do this. I put the finishing touches on it with a woodburning kit. I plan on trying to do some with a knife later on. Actually the monkey kind of jumped out at me and I just had to shape it up a little. I see a lot of things in wood that others don’t see. (My son has asked me to try to keep this information in the family).

      Loved your Duck Folk Art.

      Sorry about being so long to reply. Not having internet at home is a problem and your comment didn’t show up on the phone because of the new sight and I have to change some settings so that I don’t have to modify comments.

      Thanks for your support.

  2. It does look like a gorilla; great job! 🙂

  3. Binky says:

    Do you have to feed it bananas?
    There was some old cartoon gorilla that looked like this.

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